Refranes, modismos y frases idiomáticas

Los refranes, modismos y las frases idiomáticas existen por doquier en el idioma inglés, al igual que en todos los idiomas. Aquí encontrarás una lista de ellos, separados por tema, para que aprendas a usarlos y enriquezcas tu manera de expresarte en este idioma anglosajón.

Refranes en Ingles con Animales

Refranes con aves, perros, gatos, caballos y otros animales

Refranes en inglés con animales

Pronto estaremos agregando nuevas categorías de refranes!

Ejercicios para practicar

Cuando termines de leer los refranes puedes intentar el siguiente ejercicio. Completa las oraciones con uno de los refranes y expresiones idiomáticas, elige el que consideres que mejor se adapta a la situación y luego verifica tus resultados.

1) Mark and Jenny are so alike; they are always relaxed, they both love music, ice-cream, video games and going out. You know what they say _ _ _

2) Phil cannot live without his books. He's a _ _ _

3) I have been _ _ _ these days. I've done a lot of work and I still have so much more to do.

4) The general manager of the company has been away these past few weeks and everything is upside down.

Nobody wants to work and we are wasting so much time. As the saying goes _ _ _

5) _ _ _ Don't make a decision with such hurry. You need to slow it down and think better about it.

6) You're really hungry, aren’t you? You’re _ _ _

7) My dog is always the _ _ _ . My little brother always blames him for everything that is broken in the house.

8) My poor grandmother is 98 and she is _ _ _. She can't see almost anything.

9) If you feel too tired, you can have _ _ _ there in the chair. I promise I will be silent.

10) My father is not a mean man, he just has a bad character, but in the end, he can be really generous. You know what they say _ _ _


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