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Uso correcto de las preposiciones In At On en Ingles.

Uso de In

En Lugares - Places

En tiempos y fechas - Time

Uso de On

En Lugares - Places

En tiempos y fechas - Time

Uso de At

En Lugares - Places

En tiempos y fechas - Time

Ejercicios para practicar

1. We'll meet you the bus stop.

2. I often listen to music my car.

3. my room I have a poster the wall and a photo of my parents the table by my bed.

4. My family are from Zurich but we live Munich.

5. She lives the city centre.

6. There's some sugar the shelf the cupboard.

7. They swam the sea and then went for a walk the park.

8. There's a Post Office the end of this road, the corner of Old Street.

9. Let's meet next Saturday 3.00.

10. I hate driving night, getting up early the morning, and working weekends.

11. Our flight is leaving Monday at 7.30 the evening and arriving midday Tuesday.

12. We Have an exam Friday.

13. In most countries, banks and offices are closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

14. Computers were invented the 20th century.

15. Albert Einstein was born 14 March, 1879 in Germany, and he died 1955 in the USA.

16. Easter we went to Italy and we're going agan the summer, the first two weeks August.